Upcoming Shows


The upcoming show:

Rare Bad Sellin´ Record "halfplugged show"!

24.05.2018: GRIND Vienna

Nordbergstraße 12,1090 Vienna Austria


past shows:

10.11.2017: ESCAPE Vienna

29.06.2017: Replugged Vienna

01.09.2016: Replugged Vienna

15.08.2015: Mürzzuschlag - Riding ducks

3.10.2015: Stuttgart

more upcoming dates soon!

It's done and we're back with our third Album "Just a moment"!
Bad Sellin' Record Cd presentation, live show and release party @ replugged Vienna!!

The dates:
Date: 1.11.2014
Location: replugged Vienna
Doors: 20:00h
Stage: 20:30h

Cu fu**in' soon an' always keep in mind:

The prettiest girls are always at your Bad Sellin' Record live shows!"@?

Lx - shouter of Bad Sellin' Record




  No Panic!  

Label 2007, TMI-Tone / Rebeat
EAN: 9120008373959
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  Cock Rocks 

9.4.2010 Vertrieb: Rebeat - AUT, GER, US
EAN: 884502257557
Album available in Mediamarkt and Saturn
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